Rescue Me Organizer develops a process to get people organized and stay organized. I work with various people, but I mainly work with seniors. Things can be overwhelming when people go through a change in their life. Rescue Me Organizer is here to help during that change, whether it be the children growing up and transitioning into their new stage in life or children moving out, divorce, moving, or dealing with the loss of a loved one. I can help. I work with people on the downsizing process. I can also help people develop a system that works in their new living situation; this applies when re-arranging a home because of a tenant change or when someone moves into a new home. I aim to develop systems that work for the individual, not a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

I can also help organize paperwork or gather information needed when a significant change occurs. I understand confidentiality. My background as a bookkeeper, then working in the insurance industry, and being organized allows me to be an administrative assistant to seniors when they feel overrun by paperwork. When a person’s cognitive ability changes but can still make decisions, and paperwork feels inundating, I help sort through everything and prioritize action and file items. In addition, some people need help with all the necessary paperwork when a change in life occurs, such as losing a loved one. When paperwork becomes cumbersome, I can assist.

Rescue Me Organizer is here to help people when they feel overwhelmed with their life. I assist with the sorting and organizing processes and guide them to achieve their goals.

Before (cluttered - disorganized)
After (clutter free - organized)